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Sunset Projection Lamp

Regular price $35.00 USD
Regular price $48.00 USD Sale price $35.00 USD
  • 16 Different Colors in One Lamp for Choose: This Sunset Lamp is our newest design which can meet all your lighting needs. You don't have to buy several lamps for the colors, one is enough. Thanks to a combination of art and technology, our Sunset Projection Lamp has Diverse Functions but is also easy to use. Various needs can be achieved with one button. With just a click, you can see any color right before your eyes.
  • Gradual Change and Quick-changing Option: These 2 options are the World Debut Functions of Sunset Lamp Projector that can bring you unexpected visual experience. Gradual Change colors focus on Romantic Atmosphere. This Sunset Projector Lamp makes a romantic feeling stay with you as long as you want. Quick-changing colors make everybody passionate and enjoyable. Also, make anywhere and anytime to be party ambiance. Just click our video to glimpse the colors changing effect.
  • Portable size but with 360 Degree Rotated and Adjustable Base: You can carry this LED Lamp anywhere cause it's portable size and lightweight. The Sunset Lamp head can be rotated 360 degrees, it can produce different lights from different angles, creating a brilliant atmosphere, enjoying the beauty of different colors. Rotating the light can adjust the size and shape of the halo of the projector night light. The greater the distance, the greater the projection throw on the wall or ceiling.
  • HD Crystal Lens and 10W Power Supply: Thickened crystal lens, strong light transmission, and refraction wider light-emitting surface, farther distance and larger projection range, more beautiful light effect. High Power Supply to 10W make sure satisfied brightness you need at anywhere.